2013 Ghost Cagua 6550 650B

Solid and Unassuming Trail Bike

Words by Dave Tolnai. Photos by Dave Tolnai. Posted by
September 15th, 2013

My favourite German actor is Peter Stormare. Which is odd, seeing as he is Swedish. But nobody plays crazy German/Russian/Randomly Eastern European like Peter Stormare.

Even worse, he’s not my favourite non-German German actor for any of his amazing film and television roles (Slippery Pete, anybody? Fargo? Come on!). No, he’s my favourite non-German German actor because he starred in three amazing Volkswagen ads sometime in the mid 2000’s. Go watch them now. Still awesome.

I mention this for two reasons:

  1. Every time I look at this bike, my mind speaks with a Peter Stormare accent for at least the next 20 minutes.
  2. This bike feels decidedly un-pimped and German.

“Un-pimped? But this is a $4k bike with XT and a Reverb” were the words of NSMB’s very own Morgan Taylor. Yes Morgan. Un-pimped. No excessive use of bright colours (save for the hints of lime green scattered throughout). No flashy gizmos (funny what we consider to be standard gizmos on a bike these days, no?). No excessively complicated suspension designs (finally, a point that doesn’t require any further clarification). Like a Volkswagen (of a few years ago), my initial impression of this bike is of solid, un-pimped well thought-outedness. What I’m trying to say is that this isn’t a bike that screams at you from the showroom floor. It just sits there alluding a quiet confidence. Or perhaps I’m just straining really hard to work in a reference to my favourite non-German German actor? Too hard, really.

So let us look more closely at the actual bike. It most likely wants us to describe it as an “Enduro” bike: 650b, 6 inches of travel (roughly), dropper post, 160mm fork, 67 degree head angle, etc. etc. It also has some pretty nice parts, some of which I’m looking forward to checking out. Rock Shox Reverb, Full Shimano XT 2×10 Groupo, Nobby Nic 2.35’s and a Fox Talas 34 Fork. All solid, non-controversial parts choices on what will hopefully be a solidly performing, non-controversial bicycle.

Ghost, Ghost Bikes, Cagua, Cagua 6550, 650B, 2013

Engineered in Germany, made somewhere else. I will be interested in plotting the suspension movement of this system. High location horst style link… I’m guessing there won’t be much chain growth here.

Ghost, Ghost Bikes, Cagua, Cagua 6550, 650B, 2013

Hey, what kind of tires are those? [German ones! -Ed]

Ghost, Ghost Bikes, Cagua, Cagua 6550, 650B, 2013

This is easily the most complicated front derailleur mounting system that I have ever seen.

Ghost, Ghost Bikes, Cagua, Cagua 6550, 650B, 2013

Does anybody have any idea what these extra holes are for? Seriously. Put it in the comments.

Ghost, Ghost Bikes, Cagua, Cagua 6550, 650B, 2013

These tubes are huge. And the welds are some of the largest that I’ve seen in a long time.

Ghost, Ghost Bikes, Cagua, Cagua 6550, 650B, 2013

There are labels and logos all over this thing. The finish is a nice, subtle silver that seems like it will be quite durable.

Ghost, Ghost Bikes, Cagua, Cagua 6550, 650B, 2013

Two brakes, two derailleurs and one dropper post means lots and lots of cables.

Ghost, Ghost Bikes, Cagua, Cagua 6550, 650B, 2013

Solid and Unassuming, the Ghost Cagua 650b 6550.

The 2013 Ghost 6550 went for $4000 at MEC if you can still find one, but the 2014 is incoming with more vibrant colours and at a reduced MSRP of $3750. Dave will drop in soon with his thoughts on the suspension platform and spec…

Whatcha think? Peter Stormare of bikes, or is Dave going crazy?

  • Dirk

    Figured out the holes (say that in a stormare accent a la the frogger episode). Electronic suspension gizmos on electronic suspension gizmo models.

  • nouseforaname

    I too would be willing for you to send me some pictures of bike so i can do reviews of them by looking at the pictures and writing what i see.
    Would i have to write my own captions for the photos, or do you provide them?

    • Heathen

      Pure gold.

    • DrewM



    • Dirk

      It’s an intro t o a review bike. Not a review. Blame the headline writer.

      • nouseforaname

        No worries Dave/Dirk, i actually like your style of writing. Plus i’d been on 27bslash6 again so was feeling pretty sarky.

  • Bassenator

    The holes are to mount an e:i system that automagically controls the pedal platform on the rear shock. Ghost is part of the Accell group (just as Lapierre and Haibike) and they offer some of their their models with the system that most people only know from Lapierre.

    • cam

      I rode the Lapierre with the system today and it worked as advertised. More later but I was impressed.

  • Bryce

    but when will tire manufacturers catch up?

  • cunningstunts

    is there a paucity of quality 650b tires? what end of the spectrum is not covered?

  • seanstdenis

    I’m guessing midget bottle cage. Ah crap. I mean little people, but not a people. Stupid politically correct doesn’t work. So MIDGET!!!

    • cam


  • seanstdenis

    I just worked on a dirt jump bike that had its shifter mounted at the water bottle cage area. it had an adapter that used two bolts that had the same spacing as the lower two that you can see on this frame. But WTF this isn’t a dirt jumper? May as well ride my FAT bike at Rampage. Stupid fat bikes. Jerks…