Monthly Archives: February 2012

Cypress Blues

West Van makes progress towards sanctioned trails on Cypress, but will you want to ride them?

BC Bike Race 2012 Route

“With the addition of two timed sections for the first six days, BCBR boasts twelve Enduro-style sections…”

Vid – Spring Trails

Sometimes too much slow mo is just right and Sylvia films nails it by pushing right to the edge…

Kyle Strait’s New Career

Funny vid and what looks to be a useful new feature from SRAM. “When you are ready to ride simply unlock the cage and go,,,”

Quick Queries #3

Seb Kemp asks the filmers how they prefer to show their work to the world – alongside ‘100 Crazy Crashes’ or on DVD.

Top 3 Edits #4

Fully clothed edits? Can there be cats? How about vampires? Will the plane take off?