Monthly Archives: August 2011

Tri Ride Video

The course designer explains his philosophy and why his is a ‘True downhill track’ – plus gnarly footage.

Hardtails Rule

“Peaty and Nico just hauling, on bikes that now look like dinosaurs compared to Peaty’s current rigs…”

The Preamble

“Now that I have a two day reprieve from shooting, I thought I would give you a little preamble into what has turned out to be one hell of a trip so far.”

Bikes at Night II

Incredible talent in front of the lens, with Matt Dennison behind it. A MTB video shot past midnight…


“July starts off with a bang as Colt and Jessee celebrate their country’s independence…”

Fabien’s Retirement

“Whatever pain I feel I plan to be racing to have the intense pleasure to cross the finish line one more time…”

Corkscrew Buffing

Corkscrew is being re-worked by the folks at Bank of Montreal – and they are doing great work…