Monthly Archives: June 2010

AIRprentice Bikes

Giving away bikes is a nasty, nasty job – and these two rides may be the toughest to part with yet…

Kurt Sorge

“You might as well ride a BMX if you’re just doing tricks on a small mountain bike that is basically a BMX…”

AIRprentice 2010

The Class of 2010 looks very strong – but some of their headshots look like mugshots. Check out their vids and shots…

Indian Rider Wins BPBC Comp

“Vinay’s pioneering spirit and drive to develop freeride mountain biking in his homeland set his entry apart…”

FMB World Tour

“After Leogang and Chatel there will be three more “decision making” GOLD level events on the schedule…”

Atherton Project Ep. 4

Rachel breaks her finger practicing, Dan gets frustrated, Gee is ready – and then they go racing at the World Cup…

Todd Hellinga Interview

“I run errands with it, commute, cruise to the beach and of course it absolutely slays the pumptracks around town…”