Monthly Archives: January 2010

Oakley Promo Vid 2010

Oakley has a team of dominators that’s tough to compete with – and many of them make an appearance here…

Dirt Norco Race Team

Fionn Griffiths will have company on her Norco for the 2010 UCI World Cup season – Ben Reid and Dan Stanbridge…

Train For The Season

Yeti’s new strength coach rolls out a video tip to get you strong for the season ahead – the Bulgarian squat…

Brighter Pre-Trailer

A couple of vids to get you through the week. Brighter looks sick – lots of Chubey in there as well…

Urge Nepal

Nico Vouilloz, Fabien Barel and others are set to embark upon a Himalayan adventure in Nepal…

V3R Carbon DH Helmet

“The V3R tips the scales at a minor 1180 grams.”

Here We Go Again

“As much as we all love watching someone land an awesome trick, sometimes it’s just as entertaining…”

Follow Me – Bike Parks B.C.

A super quick look behind the scenes of the shoots we did for the Bike Parks segment in “Follow Me”

Yoga + bikes + Mexico

Here’s your chance to head to Mexico for riding and yoga with Sacred Rides – March 2010

Whistler For Sale

Intrawest is in a bit of a tight spot just ahead of the 2010 Olympic games – but it should be biz as usual…

Argentine Project

A collaboration between Mike Kinrade, Jeremy Grant and John Wellburn – The Argentine Project

Momentum 2

Andreu talks about his manager Tarek Rasouli, Tarek talks about Andreu, Andreu talks about Lluis…