Monthly Archives: May 2009

My beautiful demo 8

I was able to build up a fresh beauty to to ride for the season!

Crankworx CO

“Alex Pro, Andreu Lacondeguy, Lluis Lacondeguy, Graham Agassiz, and Paul Basagoitia confirmed to compete…”

Trail Day Sunday

After a winter under a deep blanket of snow it’s time to revive CBC for a summer of ripping…

A Day In The Dome.

The trails where not dry, the mountain was not up and running yet

The Kona Shonky Inc.

“I wanted to make a bike that was rare and cool, but was also not crazy high priced so no one could afford it…”

Shooting on the Shore

“Every move on this short steep trail was sniper so I was a pretty nervous as I’ve been mainly pinning…”

Crankworx Invitees Announced

“Over the winter we have worked closely with athletes, judges, media and our broadcast team to improve…”