Monthly Archives: April 2009

The Middle Beckons

“It is the steep hill, or nasty creek bed, or loose corner that plagues your favorite trail, but on anabolics…”

Unicorn 5000 DH

On May 10th come to Harper Mtn. in Kamloops and race Unicorns, Phoenixes, Cyclops and Napoleon Dynamite…

I Wanna Be Sponsored V

“The coolest thing is that when I ride with them is that they never are out to prove they are the best…”

Dakine Does Threads

Geoff Gulevich, Andrew Shandro, and Thomas Vanderham, have signed-on to ride DAKINE bike clothing…

Sombrio Team Roster

“Born on the steep and rugged mountains of Vancouver BC’s North Shore in 1998…”

Danny MacAskill

Is it trials, street or the child prodigy of the two? Either way it’s off the hook…